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Corner Camera Mount

Baird Roof Corner Camera Mount - Non-Penetrating for Construction Camera, Time-Lapse, Live Viewing, Security Monitoring, and CCTV
Shipping Dimensions: B46DRB
Weight: 116.00 lbs

Baird Corner Camera Mount: Precision Surveillance from Every Angle

Reimagine your surveillance strategy with the Baird Corner Camera Mount, uniquely tailored for corner placements on building rooftops. This non-penetrating roof mount is ingeniously designed to provide a robust platform, positioning cameras perfectly over building parapets. With adjustable heights and arm lengths, capture unparalleled views without the hassle of building alterations.

Distinguishing Features of the Baird Corner Camera Mount:

  • Corner-Specific Design: Seamlessly integrates onto the corner of any building, enhancing surveillance range and visibility.

  • Versatile Dimensions: Choose from mount heights of 3' or 5', coupled with camera arm lengths of either 24" or 60", to meet your exact site specific surveillance needs.

  • Customized Adapters: With varied adapter plates available, this corner mount camera solution can be tailored to accommodate a multitude of camera types and models.

  • Broad Applications: Whether it's security, surveillance, construction time lapse, or other monitoring tasks, the Baird corner camera mount delivers impeccable performance.

  • Non-Penetrating Assurance: Guarantees roof integrity, ensuring no damage to the structure during or post-installation.

Why Baird's Roof Corner Camera Mount Is a Game-Changer:

It's more than just a ptz camera corner mount that you drill into your building's parapet. The Baird Corner Camera Mount embodies surveillance sophistication. Engineered with precision, its design ensures optimal positioning and stability, setting new standards for surveillance solutions.

Inside the Baird Corner Camera Mount Package:

  1. Corner Camera Mount: Architecturally designed to maximize surveillance at building corners.

  2. Camera Mount Arm: Available in 24" or 60" lengths to meet a variety of site requirements

  3. Tailored Adapter Plate: A mounting plate or interface to fit your specific camera model.

  4. Rubber Roof Pads: The rubber pads will fit under every area of the mount that would contact the roof surface, providing long-term roof protection.

Upgrade to the vanguard of surveillance with the Baird Corner Camera Mount, where every angle is a perfect angle.

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