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B6-116 Ka

Baird B6-116 KA Non-penetrating Roof mount
Shipping Dimensions:
Weight: 295.00 lbs

Baird B6-116 Ka Specialized Non Penetrating Roof Mount - Precision Mounting for 1.8m Ka Band Antennas

Step into a new dimension of mounting solutions with Baird's specialized B6-116 Ka Non-Penetrating Roof Mount. Designed meticulously for the rigorous operational demands of 1.8m Ka Band Satellite Antennas, this enhanced version of the long running B6-116 series integrates additional stability and precision. With enhanced bracing and a larger 5.56" O.D. mast pipe, it ensures unfaltering antenna performance, optimizing for Ka Band reception.

Unique Features of the Baird B6-116 Ka Specialized Non-Penetrating Roof Mount

Here's what distinguishes the Baird B6-116 Ka from standard mounts:

  • Ka Band Compatibility: Precision-engineered exclusively for 1.8m Ka Band Satellite Antennas, ensuring optimum operational performance.

  • Enhanced Stability: Fortified with added bracing, designed to withstand external influences and maintain antenna performance.

  • Generous Mast Size: Features a robust 5.56" O.D. mast pipe, offering superior strength and a perfect fit for Ka Band Satellite Antennas.

  • Extended Footprint: The expansive 10' x 10' mount base is retained, ensuring distributed roof loading to not compromise roof integrity.

  • Durable Craftsmanship: Constructed from premium-grade steel with an added layer of hot-dip galvanization, guaranteeing resilience against the most challenging conditions.

  • Efficient Assembly: Thoughtfully designed for streamlined and hassle-free installation.

  • Decade-Long Assurance: The B6-116 Ka version echoes Baird's commitment to excellence, backed by a comprehensive 10-year warranty with American design and manufacturing.

What's Included with the Baird B6-116 Ka Specialized Non-Penetrating Roof Mount?

Upon purchasing the Baird B6-116 Ka, customers will be equipped with:

  1. Baird B6-116 Ka Roof Mount: The pinnacle of specialized mounting solutions for 1.8m Ka Band Satellite Antennas.

  2. Comprehensive Assembly Kit: Every component and hardware piece required for a secure and straightforward setup.

  3. Rubber Roof Mat: A rubber cushioning layer to ensure the roof surface remains protected from the base of the mount.

Elevate your Ka Band Satellite Antenna's performance with the Baird B6-116 Ka Non-Penetrating Roof Mount.

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