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Roof Camera Mount

Baird Roof Camera Mount - Non Penetrating Roof Mount for Construction Camera, Time-Lapse, Live Viewing, Security Monitoring, and CCTV
Shipping Dimensions: B46DRB
Weight: 116.00 lbs

Elevate Your Security With The Baird Roof Camera Mount

Step into the future of comprehensive surveillance solutions with the Baird Roof Camera Mount. This innovative, non-penetrating solution positions your security apparatus strategically at the edge of building roofs, extending over parapets to capture wide, unobstructed views. Opt for security camera mounting that speaks of stability and superior coverage, without impacting your building's roof.

Key Features of Baird Roof Camera Mount:

  • Strategic Edge Mounting: Designed for the edge of your building, offering extensive aerial perspectives for enhanced security.

  • Customizable Configurations: Available in 3' or 5' heights with camera arm options of 24" or 60", catering to diverse surveillance needs.

  • Adaptable Camera Accommodation: Different adapter plates are on offer, including Axis plates, NPT adapters and pipe couplers, making this roof camera mount compatible with various camera models.

  • Non-Invasive Installation: The non-penetrating formula ensures your building structure stays intact, eliminating potential lease or structural concerns.

  • Versatile Surveillance Applications: From security and surveillance to construction time-lapse or general monitoring, this camera mount is suited for all.

Advantages That Set Baird Roof Camera Mount Apart:

The Baird Roof Camera Mount isn’t just a parapet camera mount; it's the epitome of elevated surveillance. Its strategic design facilitates superior field of vision and dependable stability, crucial for high-quality monitoring, especially in sensitive zones.

What’s Included in Your Baird Roof Camera Mount Package?

  1. Roof Camera Mount: Precision-engineered for non-penetrating, edge-of-roof installation.

  2. Camera Mount Arm: Arm lengths of 24" or 60" are available to fit different building requirements.

  3. Choice of Adapter Plates: Select the perfect fit for your specific camera model.

  4. Rubber Roof Pads: Rubber pads are included to separate the camera mount from direct contact with your roof.

Don’t just mount it, master your surveillance strategy with the Baird Roof Camera Mount, where every frame is a canvas for security excellence.

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