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Baird B4-6x6 Non Penetrating Roof Mount
Shipping Dimensions: B46-R
Weight: 96.00 lbs

Baird B4-6x6 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount - Superior Durability for a Range of Applications

Embrace the highest standard of stability and safety for your equipment with the Baird B4-6x6 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount. Engineered for satellite antennas up to 1.2m, wireless antennas, cameras, measurement instruments, and other related applications, this mount delivers a solid and dependable base for all your mounting necessities. The B4-6x6 mount ensures exceptional support without harming the roof structure, exemplifying the perfect balance between quality and functionality. Rely on its durable construction for enduring performance.

Key Features of the Baird B4-6x6 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount

Uncover the essential features that establish the Baird B4-6x6 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount as the preferred choice for various mounting applications:

  • Flexibility: Perfect for installing satellite antennas (up to 1.2m), wireless antennas, cameras, measurement instruments, and other related applications.

  • Varied Height Choices: Available in heights from 3' to 15', allowing customization to accommodate your specific requirements.

  • Various Pipe O.D. Options: Suitable for pipe O.D. sizes from 2.37" to 2.88", ensuring a snug fit for different devices.

  • No Damage To Roof: The 6' x 6' mount base and damage-free design guarantee no harm to your roof during installation and usage.

  • Long Bracing Options:  Availability of longer bracing makes this mount appropriate for applications requiring high stability or greater mount heights, up to 15'.

  • Premium Quality: The Baird B4-6x6 is fabricated from thick gauge steel and is hot dip galvanized post-production to withstand the harshest conditions.

  • Efficient Installation: This mount is engineered for a quick and hassle-free installation process.

  • Decade-Long Warranty: Your Baird B4-6x6 mount is supported by a 10-year warranty, with design and manufacturing based in the USA.

Included in the Baird B4-6x6 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount Package

Each Baird B4-6x6 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount purchase includes:

  1. The Baird B4-6x6 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount: A flexible solution for installing a variety of devices, including satellite antennas up to 1.2m, wireless antennas, cameras, and more.

  2. Essential Hardware: All required hardware for a secure and simple installation.

  3. Rubber Roof Pad: Provided to ensure extra protection and stability, keeping your roof intact during and after installation.

Maximize the potential of various applications with the Baird B4-6x6 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount.

Baird B4-6x6 - Instructional Video

Baird B4-6x6 - Product Documents


Can the B4-6x6 be mounted on the ground, instead of a roof?

Yes, the B4-6x6 can be either ground of roof mounted.  If mounting on the ground, you would follow the exact same assembly steps, with the following two tips:


  1. You do not need to place the rubber pad under the mount

  2. Ensure that you are placing the mount on a compacted, level surface

If I completely fill the trays with concrete ballast blocks, will we be adequately covered for sliding or overturning?

It depends on your site location.  Some locations can require less ballast, especially if what you are mounting has a small wind area.  To figure out the exact ballast weight you need for your installation, visit Baird's free ballast calculation software at the following web address:

Baird's site is designed to help you select all the potential variables to produce an exact ballast weight with printable documentation available for download.

Where do I purchase rubber roof pads to product my roof surface?

The Baird B4-6x6 mount package includes a complete set of rubber roof mats to fit under the mount.

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