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Starlink Non Penetrating Roof Mount

Shipping Dimensions:
Weight: 40.00 lbs

Boost Your Connectivity with the Baird Starlink Non-Penetrating Roof Mount

Say goodbye to connectivity issues with the Baird Starlink Non-Penetrating Roof Mount.  Specially engineered to support your Starlink or Starlink High Performance antenna, this heavy duty mount ensures you can place your Starlink in the best possible position for your site location. This non-pentrating roof mount is available in mount heights of 2.5', 5' or 8' tall for optimal clearance. 

Why Opt For the Baird Starlink Non-Penetrating Roof Mount?

Enhance your satellite connection with the Baird Starlink Non-Penetrating Roof Mount.  Combining strength, durability, and strategic design, here's why this mount stands out:

  • Ground or Roof Mounting.  Baird's non-penetrating mount can be used to provide a long-term, stable platform for rooftop or ground installations.  For roof installs, our non-penetrating mount leaves your roof intact, eliminating the risk of leaks or structural damage.  No concrete or foundation is required if using this mount on the ground.

  • Built to Last: Made from heavy gauge materials and hot dip galvanized after fabrication, this mount withstands any weather conditions, providing a durable platform for your Starlink satellite dish.

  • Enhanced Positioning: The Baird Starlink Non-Penetrating Roof Mount allows for ideal antenna placement above your roof line at heights up to 8' tall to clear any obstructions.  This gives you options to clear heavy snowfall, trees and other obstructions.  If ground mounting, the 8' height minimizes the risk of animal damage to the Starlink system.

  • Room for Additional Equipment: The Baird Starlink NPRM has enough space for you to mount additional equipment on the pole, including an enclosure box, battery or a solar panel. 

  • Easy Installation: Our mount comes with an easy-to-follow installation guide and a YouTube instructional video, making setup a breeze, even for novices.

  • 10 Year Warranty: All Baird mounts are designed and manufactured in the USA and come with a 10 year product warranty.

  • Works With Starlink High Performance Antenna.  The Baird wall mount is designed to hold either the regular Starlink or the Starlink High Performance Antenna.  If you have the high performance antenna model, add the optional Starlink High Performance Adapter to the mount package.

What's Included in Your Baird Starlink Non-Penetrating Roof Mount Package?

When you purchase a Baird Starlink Non-Penetrating Roof Mount, you are getting a complete package engineered to make your assembly as easy as possible. Our mount package includes:

  1. The Baird Starlink Non-Penetrating Roof Mount: This precision-engineered mount is designed to securely hold your Starlink satellite dish without damaging your roof.

  2. All Necessary Hardware: The package includes all necessary hardware (bolts, nuts and washers) for a successful installation.

  3. Rubber Roof Pads: To safeguard your roof during and after installation, our package includes rubber roof pads. 

  4. Optional High Performance Adapter:  You can add an adapter for your Starlink High Performance Antenna to the mount package.  The wedge mount that comes with the Starlink High Performance antenna attaches directly to the Baird mount.

**Please note that the package does not include the Starlink Pipe Adapter v2. This adapter is a separate component of your Starlink system and is purchased directly from Starlink when you buy your Starlink Kit. The Baird Starlink Non Penetrating Roof Mount and Starlink Pipe Adapter v2 work hand-in-hand to ensure a seamless integration with your Starlink satellite dish.

Baird Starlink Non Penetrating Roof Mount - Product Documents


How will the Baird Starlink Non-Penetrating Mount interface with my Starlink antenna?

Yes, the Baird Starlink Non-Penetrating Roof Mount is specifically engineered to securely hold the Starlink antenna.  The mount has a 2.37" O.D. mast pipe and the Starlink Pipe Adapter v2 fits directly over the 2.37" O.D. mast pipe on the Baird non-penetrating mount.

How much ballast weight should I add to the mount for my site location?

If you fill the the ballast trays on the Baird Starlink Non-Penetrating Roof Mount with blocks, you will be covered with adequate ballast weight for your site in most installations up to 115 mph. 

If you need a specific ballast weight, exposure level, building height, PSF for roof loading or documentation for your installation site, you can use our free ballast calculator based on standards from ASCE 7-10 by visiting:

Can a box that weighs 50 lb. (23 kg) be mounted on the pole below the Starlink antenna and the mount still function?

Yes, the Baird Starlink Non Penetrating Roof Mount is strong enough to hold an enclosure, box or solar panel below your Starlink antenna.  You will want to purchase either the 5' or 8' tall version of the mount and attach the additional item on the pole as close as possible to the base of the mount.  Depending on the wind area of your extra item, you may need to add some additional weight to the ballast trays.

Is this mount strong enough to work with the Starlink High Performance and Flat High Performance antennas, or just the Standard Starlink?


The wind area of the Starlink High Performance antenna models is almost double the wind area on the Standard model, however the Baird Starlink Non Penetrating Roof Mount can hold any of the Starlink antenna options. 

If you are mounting one of the High Performance models at 5' or 8' tall above the roof line, the ballast weight PSF may be high for your roof.  In those cases, you can always go with a larger footprint mount with the same 2.37" O.D. mast pipe.  We would recommend the B4-4x4 or B4-6x6 non penetrating roof mount models to reduce the roof load PSF, if this is an issue.

Can roof mount work on a steep roof?

If you need a non-penetrating roof mount option for a steep roof, we would recommend mounting on the roof peak with the Baird Starlink Roof Mount.  This will adjust to your steep roof pitch and give you a level spot for mounting your Starlink antenna above the peak of your roof line.

Does your mount allow for the mast to be ANGLED (as the base would be sitting on a sloped roof) so that the Starlink dishy would be completely vertical?

 This mount is intended for a flat or relatively flat roof.  If you have a sloped roof, we would recommend the Baird Starlink Roof Mount.  This has adjustable arms that will match the slope of your roof and give you a level platform at the roof peak.

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