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Starlink Tower Mount

Shipping Dimensions:
Weight: 57.00 lbs

Secure Your Connectivity with the Baird Starlink Tower Mount

Upgrade your Starlink system with the Baird Starlink Tower Mount. Specifically designed to attach to the leg of an existing tower, this mount ensures a stable platform for your Starlink antenna or Starlink High Performance antenna, delivering unparalleled network stability and performance.

Why Choose the Baird Starlink Tower Mount?

Here's why the Baird Starlink Tower Mount is an excellent addition to your Starlink setup:

  • Stable Mounting: The Baird Starlink Tower Mount securely attaches to the leg of an existing tower, ensuring a firm and reliable mounting platform for your Starlink antenna.

  • Use With Different Types of Towers: The mount comes with options that attach to variable sizes of tower legs from 1.90" O.D. to 4.50" O.D.

  • Durable Construction: Made from hot dip galvanized steel, this mount is designed to withstand various weather conditions and provide a sturdy platform for your Starlink antenna.

  • Easy Installation: Baird's Starlink Tower Mount comes with an easy-to-follow installation guide and a YouTube instructional video, making setup a breeze, even for novices.

  • 10 Year Warranty: All Baird mounts have a 10 year product warranty and are both designed and manufactured in the USA.

  • Works With Starlink High Performance Antenna.  The Baird tower mount is designed to work with either the regular Starlink or the Starlink High Performance Antenna.  If you have the high performance antenna model, add the optional Starlink High Performance Adapter to the mount package.

What's Included in Your Baird Starlink Tower Mount Package?

With each purchase of the Baird Starlink Tower Mount, you'll receive:

  1. The Baird Starlink Tower Mount: This precision-engineered mount is designed to securely hold your Starlink antenna by attaching to the leg of an existing tower.

  2. All Necessary Hardware: We provide all the necessary hardware you need for a hassle-free and secure installation.  This includes the hardware to assemble the mount and the hardware to attach the mount to the tower leg.

  3. Optional High Performance Adapter:  You can add an adapter for your Starlink High Performance Antenna to the mount package.  The wedge mount that comes with the Starlink High Performance antenna attaches directly to the Baird mount.

**Please note that the package does not include the Starlink Pipe Adapter v2. This adapter is a separate component of your Starlink system and must be purchased directly from Starlink. The Baird Starlink Tower Mount and Starlink Pipe Adapter v2 work together to ensure optimal positioning and performance of your Starlink antenna.

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