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Starlink Roof Peak Mount

Baird Starlink Peak Roof Non-Penetrating Roof Mount With Pole Adapter
Shipping Dimensions: SSRM-R
Weight: 73.00 lbs

Elevate Your Satellite Internet Experience with the Baird Starlink Roof Peak Mount

Experience high-speed internet like never before with the Baird Starlink Roof Peak Mount. Specially designed for your Starlink or Starlink High Performance antenna, this sturdy mount ensures optimum positioning for your site location with available mount heights of 2', 5' or 8' above your roof peak.

Why Choose Baird Starlink Roof Peak Mount?

Secure your satellite connection with the Baird Starlink Roof Peak Mount - the perfect blend of strength, durability, and optimal design. Here's why our mount stands out:

  • Superior Construction: Crafted with the highest quality materials, our roof peak mount is designed to withstand all weather conditions, providing the most robust and reliable platform for your Starlink satellite dish.

  • Optimized Positioning: The Baird Starlink Roof Peak Mount ensures your dish can be positioned above your roof line at heights up to 8' tall to clear any obstructions, improving your internet speed and reliability.

  • Easy Installation: Our mount comes with an easy-to-follow installation guide and a YouTube instructional video, making setup a breeze, even for novices.

  • 10 Year Warranty: All Baird mounts are designed and manufactured in the USA and come with a 10 year product warranty.

  • Works With Starlink High Performance Antenna.  The Baird wall mount is designed to hold either the regular Starlink or the Starlink High Performance Antenna.  If you have the high performance antenna model, add the optional Starlink High Performance Adapter to the mount package.

What's Included in Your Baird Starlink Roof Peak Mount Package?

When you purchase a Baird Starlink Roof Peak Mount, you're not just getting a mount – you're getting a complete package designed to make your installation process as seamless as possible. Our package includes:

  1. The Baird Starlink Roof Peak Mount: This robust and precision-engineered mount is the star of our package. Crafted from hot dip galvanized heavy gauge steel, it's designed to withstand all weather conditions and to hold your Starlink satellite dish securely for optimal signal reception.

  2. All Necessary Hardware: We provide all the necessary hardware you need to securely install your mount and Starlink Antenna. This includes bolts, nuts, and washers – all designed to fit perfectly and ensure a hassle-free installation.

  3. Rubber Roof Pads: To protect your roof during and after installation, our package includes rubber roof pads. These pads create a protective layer between the mount and your roof, preventing any potential damage and ensuring a secure fit.

  4. Optional High Performance Adapter:  You can add an adapter for your Starlink High Performance Antenna to the mount package.  The wedge mount that comes with the Starlink High Performance antenna attaches directly to the Baird mount.

**Please note that the package does not include the Starlink Pipe Adapter v2. This adapter is a separate component of your Starlink system and is purchased directly from Starlink when you buy your Starlink Kit. The Baird Starlink Roof Peak Mount and Starlink Pipe Adapter v2 work hand-in-hand to ensure a seamless integration with your Starlink satellite dish.

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Will the Baird Starlink Roof Peak Mount fit my existing Starlink satellite dish?

Yes, the Baird Starlink Roof Peak Mount is specifically designed to fit your Starlink antenna.  This mount has a 2.37" O.D. mast pipe and the Starlink Pipe Adapter v2 fits directly over the 2.37" O.D. mast pipe on the Baird Mount.

How many concrete blocks to I need to put on the mount so it stays securely on my roof?

If you completely fill the ballast trays on the Baird Starlink Roof Peak Mount you will be covered with adequate ballast weight for your site in most installations up to 115 mph. 

If you need a specific ballast weight, PSF for roof loading or documentation for your installation site, you can calculate an exact ballast weight according to ASCE 7-10 by visiting:

This is a free site built and maintained by Baird Mounting Systems.

Dear Sir, Is it possible to add braces to the pole mast of the Starlink Roof Peak Mount to decrease movement of the 8 foot long pole?

Based on prior installations, additional bracing should not be necessary.  You are highly unlikely to have too much movement at the top of the 8' pole with this mount.  We would recommend installing the mount, since movement will probably not be an issue.  Then, if you noticed movement that degraded the performance of the Starlink Antenna, you could guy the mast to the base of the mount.

Will this roof peak mount work with the Starlink High Performance and Flat High Performance antennas, or just the Standard Starlink?

The wind area of the Starlink High Performance antenna models is almost double the Standard model, however the Baird Starlink Roof Peak Mount can hold any of the Starlink antenna options. 

If you are mounting one of the High Performance models at 5' or 8' tall above the roof line, the ballast weight PSF may be high for your roof.  In those cases, you can always go with a larger footprint roof peak mount with the same 2.37" O.D. mast pipe.  We would recommend the Small Universal Ridgemount model to reduce the roof load PSF, if this is an issue.

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