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Starlink Portable Mount

Baird Starlink Portable Mount with Starlink Antenna
Shipping Dimensions: 20" W x 62" L x 12" H
Weight: 172.00 lbs

Stay Connected Everywhere with the Baird Starlink Portable Mount

Make your Starlink system mobile with the Baird Starlink Portable Mount. Specifically designed for easy transportation, this mount folds up neatly and has adjustable feet for uneven terrain, ensuring optimal dish positioning for top-tier connectivity wherever you are.

Why Choose the Baird Starlink Portable Mount?

Here's why the Baird Starlink Portable Mount is your best companion for mobile internet:

  • Portability. The Baird Starlink Portable Mount folds up for easy transport, making it ideal for temporary or short-term setups, remote locations and frequent position changes.

  • Adjustable Feet: It has adjustable feet for uneven terrain, ensuring level, stable positioning in any site location.

  • Captive Hardware: No need to worry about losing small components. The mount features captive hardware that stays securely in place even during transport.

  • Add Enclosures, Batteries or Solar: The Baird Starlink Portable Mount has enough space for you to mount additional equipment on the pole, including an enclosure, battery or solar panel directly to the mount.

  • Durable Construction: Made from corrosion-resistant materials, this mount withstands all weather conditions to provide a sturdy platform for your Starlink satellite dish.

What's Included in Your Baird Starlink Portable Mount Package?

With each purchase of the Baird Starlink Portable Mount, you'll receive:

  1. The Baird Starlink Portable Mount: This precision-engineered mount is designed to securely hold your Starlink satellite dish and folds up for easy transport.

  2. All Necessary Hardware: We provide all the necessary hardware you need for a hassle-free and secure installation. The captive hardware design ensures that no small components will get lost during transport.

Please note that the package does not include the Starlink Pipe Adapter v2. This adapter is a separate component of your Starlink system and must be purchased directly from Starlink. The Baird Starlink Portable Mount and Starlink Pipe Adapter v2 work together to ensure optimal positioning and performance of your Starlink satellite dish.

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