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Baird B4 Non Penetrating Roof Mount 2.5' Tall
Shipping Dimensions: B44DRB-R
Weight: 65.00 lbs

Baird B4-4x4 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount - Secure Mounting for Diverse Applications

Experience the ultimate in versatility and security with the Baird B4-4x4 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount. Designed for satellite antennas up to 1.2m, wireless antennas, cameras, measurement equipment, and other applications, this mount provides a sturdy and reliable platform for all your mounting needs.  The B4-4x4 mount offers robust support without compromising roof integrity, representing the perfect blend of safety and functionality. Trust its resilient construction for long-lasting performance.

Features That Set the Baird B4-4x4 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount Apart

Discover the key features that make the Baird B4-4x4 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount a top choice for diverse mounting applications:

  • Versatility: Ideal for mounting satellite antennas (up to 1.2m), wireless antennas, cameras, measurement equipment, and other applications.

  • Multiple Height Options: Offers a range of heights from 2.5' to 10', allowing customization to fit your specific needs.

  • Multiple Pipe O.D. Sizes: Accommodates pipe O.D. from 1.9" to 2.88", providing a secure fit for various devices.

  • Non-Penetrating Design: The 4' x 4' mount footprint and non-penetrating design, ensures no damage to your roof during installation and operation.

  • Best Quality: The Baird B4-4x4 is made from heavy gauge steel and is hot dip galvanized after fabrication to survive in the most extreme conditions.

  • Quick Set-Up: This mount is designed for a fast and easy installation process.

  • 10 Year Warranty: Your Baird B4-4x4 mount is backed by a 10 year warranty, with design and manufacturing in the USA.

What's Included in Your Baird B4-4x4 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount Package?

With each purchase of the Baird B4-4x4 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount, you'll receive:

  1. The Baird B4-4x4 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount: A versatile solution for mounting various devices, including satellite antennas up to 1.2m, wireless antennas, cameras, and more.

  2. All Necessary Hardware: Everything you need for a secure and straightforward installation.

  3. Rubber Roof Pad: Included to provide additional protection and stability, ensuring that your roof remains undamaged during and after installation.

Unlock the potential of diverse applications with the Baird B4-4x4 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount.

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Does the mount come with rubber roof pads?

Yes, the Baird B4-4x4 mount package includes rubber roof pads.  The pads will fit underneath every part of the mount that that could touch your roof surface.

My site location is in an exposed coastal area.  How much ballast weight should I add to the mount?

To calculate a specific ballast weight in an exposed coastal area, visit Baird's free ballast calculation software at the following web address:

Baird's site is designed to include all potential factors that could impact the required ballast weight.  When you complete the calculation you will probably want to select "Exposure - C" or "Exposure - D" for a coastal area.  The calculator will give you an exact ballast weight needed for your system with printable documentation that you can download.

How do I choose between the B3-34x40 and the B4-4x4?  What are the primary differences?

The primary difference is the footprint of the mount.  The B3-34x40 mount has a 34" x 40" footprint and the B4-4x4 mount has a 48" x 48" footprint for additional ballast and improved roof loading on a PSF basis.  The ballast calculator referenced above will help you determine if you need the larger footprint for your installation.

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