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Weight: 218.00 lbs

Baird B6-116 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount - Elevating Mounting Solutions

Discover unmatched longevity and stability with Baird's elite B6-116 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount. Exclusively designed for satellite antennas up to 1.8m, microwave systems, wireless devices, surveillance units, precise measuring equipment, and more, this mount solidifies its status as a beacon of durability and trust. Ranging between 4' to 10' in height, the B6-116 extends its capacity to accommodate a diverse set of mounting needs without risking roof safety. Depend on its reinforced architecture for lasting performance.

Distinguishing Characteristics of the Baird B6-116 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount

Here's what sets the Baird B6-116 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount apart:

  • Multifunctional: Designed for mounting satellite antennas (up to 1.8m), microwave units, wireless technology, monitoring cameras, and measurement tools.

  • Height Variability: Offering a choice of heights spanning from 4' to 10', ensuring versatility for distinctive mounting requirements.

  • Broad Pipe O.D. Assortment: Compatible with pipe O.D. sizes ranging from 2.37" to 6.62", facilitating the needs of all types of equipment.

  • Roof Safety: The expansive 10' x 10' mount base ensures an undisturbed, no-damage experience for your rooftop.

  • Masterful Build: Fabricated from robust, heavy-duty steel and fortified with post-fabrication hot-dip galvanization, ensuring resilience against even the toughest environmental challenges.

  • Installation Efficiency: Crafted for an efficient installation process.

  • Ten Years of Reliability: The Baird B6-116 has a 10 year warranty guarantee, reflecting an unwavering commitment to quality, with design and manufacturing rooted in the USA.

Components of the Baird B6-116 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount Package

With every acquisition of the Baird B6-116 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount, customers receive:

  1. The Baird B6-116 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount: A high-end solution tailored for an expansive range of devices.

  2. All-Inclusive Installation Kit: Comprehensive components and hardware for a secure and seamless setup.

  3. Roof Protection Pad: A rubber pad to ensure maximized roof protection, upholding its integrity throughout the mount's lifespan.

Embrace precision and reliability with the Baird B6-116 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount.

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