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B4-6x6 - 15' Tall

Baird B4-6x6 Non Penetrating Roof Mount 15' Tall
Shipping Dimensions: B46-R
Weight: 96.00 lbs

Baird B4-6x6 15' Tall Non-Penetrating Roof Mount - Elevate Your Mounting Experience

Delve into unparalleled stability and height with Baird's special edition B4-6x6 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount. Tailored for wireless systems, cameras, and precision instruments, this mount emerges as the epitome of strength and reliability at elevations greater than 10' above your roof line. Standing proudly at 15', this variant of the B4-6x6 encapsulates the best in mounting technology without compromising on roof or device safety. Trust its formidable build for unmatched endurance.

Distinctive Features of the Baird B4-6x6 15' Tall Non-Penetrating Roof Mount

Dive into the attributes that earmark the Baird B4-6x6 15' Non-Penetrating Roof Mount as an unparalleled choice:

  • Adaptability: Crafted to support wireless setups, surveillance cameras, and precision tools.

  • Unrivaled Height: Standing unchallenged at 15', built for those seeking enhanced mounting heights.

  • Broad Pipe O.D. Compatibility: Supports pipe O.D. from 2.37" to 2.88", promising a snug fit and stable mounting platform.

  • Roof Preservation: Boasting a 6' x 6' base, its non-intrusive design ensures your roof remains untouched and damage-free.

  • Superior Craftsmanship: Constructed using robust gauge steel, and undergoing a post-production hot-dip galvanization, it braves even the harshest climates.

  • Swift Assembly: Ingeniously designed for a streamlined and straightforward setup.

  • A Decade of Assurance: This Baird mount comes with a 10-year warranty, reflecting commitment to quality, with its origins in the USA.

The Complete Baird B4-6x6 15' Tall Non-Penetrating Roof Mount Package

Every purchase of this exclusive 15' Baird B4-6x6 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount brings:

  1. The Baird B4-6x6 15' Non-Penetrating Roof Mount: Tailored for an wide range of devices.

  2. Installation Hardware: All requisite components ensuring a quick and hassle-free setup.

  3. Rubber Roof Mat: Included for reinforced protection and stability, safeguarding your roof during installation and usage.

Elevate your mounting aspirations with the Baird B4-6x6 15' Tall Non-Penetrating Roof Mount.

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