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Baird Security Camera Pole Mount 30' Tall - Non-Penetrating
Shipping Dimensions:
Weight: 465.00 lbs

Baird Security Camera Pole Mount: Elevate Your Surveillance Vantage Point

Elevate your security capabilities with the non-penetrating Baird Security Camera Pole Mount. Expertly crafted to rise 20' or 30' above grade, this mount offers an unparalleled vantage point for optimal surveillance. Whether placed on a roof without any drilling, or grounded firmly as a cost-effective alternative to in-ground telephone or utility poles, the Baird pole ensures a bird's-eye view for your camera applications.

Key Features of the Baird Security Camera Pole Mount:

  • Adaptable Heights: Choose from towering heights of 20' or 30' to gain the perfect aerial perspective.  The mount includes guy tie off points at 10' and 20' if required by your camera system.

  • Diverse Applications: Beyond security and surveillance, this pole camera mount is also suitable for construction time lapse, monitoring, and other camera applications.

  • Ground and Roof Deployment: Whether non-penetrating roof setup or efficient ground mounting is required, the Baird camera pole mount is versatile to fit both scenarios seamlessly.

  • Cost-Effective Solution: As a solid alternative to telephone or utility pole surveillance cameras, it offers substantial cost savings from a faster installation and the ability to move the mount when needed, without compromising on stability.

  • Sturdy Design: Built with precision and strength to withstand environmental factors, ensuring your security camera mounting pole remains stable and secure.

What Makes the Baird Security Camera Pole Mount Stand Out?

The Baird Security Camera Pole Mount isn't just a long camera pole; it's a commitment to surveillance excellence. With its easy-to-install design and robust construction, it is the go-to solution for those needing a reliable security camera mounting solution.

Inside the Baird Security Camera Pole Mount Package:

  1. Baird Non-Penetrating Mount Base: The 10' x 10' non-penetrating base provides stability and plenty of ballast space to make sure your camera has a stable platform in all conditions. 

  2. Camera Pole: Available in either 20' or 30' mount heights, this camera pole will raise your surveillance cameras to new heights.  The top 10' section on either camera pole mount is 2.37" O.D.

  3. Complete Hardware Kit: All essentials for a swift and easy installation.

  4. Rubber Roof Pad: A rubber roof pad is included in the mount package for sites where this is required.  If the camera pole mount is ground mounted, the rubber pad does not need to be placed under the mount.  

Elevate your security game with the Baird Security Camera Pole Mount — a beacon of surveillance excellence.

Baird Security Camera Pole Mount - Product Documents


When is this non-penetrating camera pole mount used vs. putting a utility or telephone pole in the ground?

Customers use this mount when:

  • Sites where digging is difficult, expensive or prohibited.

  • There may be a need to move the camera mount at some point in the future.

  • Water or concrete is difficult to get to the site.

  • Shipping constraints - this mount comes in 10' sections and bundles on a pallet vs. a 25', 30' or 35' telephone pole mount

  • When quick installation is needed.  The mount can be removed from the pallet and assembled in a short amount of time vs. getting approval to dig for a utility pole 

Can this mount be used as a CCTV camera pole mount?

Yes, customers use the Baird Security Camera Pole Mount for CCTV camera applications.

I have a camera system with 24 hour solar.  Will the mount hold all the equipment or can you only mount the camera on the mount?

Yes, the Baird Security Camera Pole Mount is strong enough to hold additional equipment, such as an enclosure box and solar panels.  If you are mounting additional equipment on the 20' or 30' pole, put the additional equipment as close to the base of the mount as possible.  As the height of things like solar panels increases, it increases the wind load and then the required ballast considerably vs. mounting equipment lower on the pole.

Can this mount be used as a PTZ camera pole mount?

Yes, the Baird Security Camera Pole Mount is compatible with PTZ camera applications.

Do you have documentation that the mount is capable of holding my camera system at 30' above grade?

You can calculate a specific ballast weight for your system and detailed documentation including supporting calculations using Baird's free ballast calculation software available at:

Baird's site includes location, exposure level, building height, ground or roof material friction coefficients and PSF for roof loading if applicable.  The calculator will generate the information needed to support your installation with site owners, engineering firms or local officials. 

What is the pipe O.D. size of the top section of the mount?

The top 10' section of the mount where you will be attaching your camera is always 2.37" O.D.  

The bottom section of pipe that connects to the non-penetrating base is always 4.50" O.D.  If you have the 30' tall version of the mount, then the middle 10' pipe section is 2.88" O.D.

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